About Us

About Us

Directors – Dave Garbutt & Neil Kaufman
In 1996 Dave and Neil both started work on the same day for an Audio-Visual company in Liverpool that installed and serviced sound systems, televisions, large video displays and lighting effects in bars, restaurants and nightclubs nationwide which included brands such as Revolution, Pop World, Flares, Reflex and O’Neil’s to name a few. These two young motivated men formed a strong friendship over their passion and excitement for anything technologically related. This passion is still very evident today in the excitement displayed when new technology is released for the audio visual sector, they are always making sure they are trained and updated with all new releases not because they have to but because they love it. It truly is their passion. A passion which is shared by all members of their team.

After working for various other companies in the audio video and automation industry they became aware that some of the companies they were working for did not share their passion for the industry or making sure the customers got the very best experience from the systems they had purchased. So, they decided to found Audiolux in 2007 using their friendship, skills and experience as the foundation for the company to offer customers a friendly and professional service, that ensured the customers got the very best from the systems they had installed.

Fast forward a few years and they have now built a great team around them with these core values playing a major role in the operation of the business. A big part of their previous experience was in the building management sector designing, manufacturing and commissioning bespoke control panels for applications such as HVAC, swimming pools and intelligent lighting.

Gaining these skills has been a key part in their success and has given them the flexibility to offer a wide range of solutions commercially. It has also given them the ability to become one of the most desired installers in the luxury residential market where they have found that that the individual AV and Automation industries come together to offer homeowners control of TV’s, music, security, heating and lighting all with the touch of a button.

Neil and Dave are both family orientated business men, so whether it be your business or family life in their hands you can guarantee it will be treated as if it was their own, ensuring you get a system that is the perfect fit for you.

The Team

Brian Farley
Brian has worked as part of our team from the very beginning and has over 30 years experience in the industry. Brian’s technical knowledge is second to none and you will not find anybody else that is as dedicated to keeping it that way. He has a passion for anything audio visual related and that is easy to see in the way that he works. He can solve any problem that is handed to him and is intergral to the team. He also has a heart of gold and a sense of humour to match.

Stephen Bernstein
Steven has also been a dedicated member of the team since the very beginning of Audiolux and has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Ste’s passion and enthusiasm for everything in life means that everybody who meets him is instantly uplifted by his presence. This zest for life is evident in the passion that he carries for his work, he likes every job he does to be perfect and everybody involved in the project to enjoy the process with him. He also has an amazing ability to think outside of the box and offer ideas and solutions that others would not consider but are always perfect for the situation.

Tom Evans
Tom started his working life as an apprentice for Audiolux limited and it has been a joy for the rest of the team to guide him into the young man he is today. He has adopted the best aspects of those he works with along with his own enthusiasm and dedication. The feedback received about Tom is always amazing, how friendly and professional he is and how at ease he makes the customers feels, ensuring the customers are always happy and comfortable using their systems. He is quickly following in Brians footsteps and developing a technical knowledge that will be hard to rival.
Aaron Alexander
Aaron has recently joined the team as an apprentice. He was hand picked by the other members of the team for his passion, common sense and dedication to the job. He is highly intelligent and has taken to the work very quickly. He has is polite, well mannered and professional. We are excited to have him as a member of the team and are looking forward to watching him grow his expertise.

Garry Sweeney
Garry is a new addition to the team as Audiolux has grown they have found they need somebody to take some of the work load from the directors so they could get back to doing what they love, designing, project managing and ensuring the customer gets that personal experience. A salesman was not an easy decision for them as they needed somebody that not only understood the industry but also followed their core values to ensure that the customer got the system they needed and wanted with-out the unneeded addition extras that some companies sell.

They then found Garry and knew he was a perfect fit, not only does have expert knowledge of the industry but he whole heartedly supports their company ethos and his aim is to help create the perfect systems for the customer, comprising of only things that they need or want to make their dreams a reality.

Danielle Cadden
Danielle is the accounts manager and has been an integral part of the business for over 5 years, keeping the office and finances running smoothly so that the team can concentrate on the experience of the customer and indulge in their passions of creativity.