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The Beeches

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We worked closely with Poole Homes on this stunning property. The care and effort that went into making this home a true gem is evident. We installed an intelligent lighting system through-out the home, meaning that all lighting was easily controllable and could be changed easily and quickly from wherever you are. This was also installed in the pool area giving total control across the entire house.
We installed an audio-visual system throughout – We installed speakers for maximum coverage of high-quality sound, all rooms could be controlled together with the same audio or individually. So whilst you are relaxing in the pool with your favourite song, the kids can keep up to date on the latest TV show in the family room. All TVs were linked to this system meaning that although they were running of the same system, they could all be watched individually with-out putting undue pressure on the sky system.
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The home cinema room was a delight to design and install. The high quality sound system and projector installed ensured that the quality of the movies shown are second to none and give a completely immersive experience.
All of these systems where then integrated using a control 4 system, this allows for easy control of all the above through a simple app on your phone, touchscreen tablet or handheld for remote. This also allows for scenes to be programmed in meaning you can control all the above systems with just the touch of one button. For example
A scene could be set called evening in the family room when this this button pressed, the lights dim, the television comes on to their favourite channel and the surround sound really brings the programmes to life.
A scene could be set simply called good night, when pressed it ensures all TV,s, sound systems and lights are out, except the hall light so you can still find your way around if you need to. Meaning no more going from room to room checking it has all been turned off. The possibilities with this home are endless.


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We worked closely with Prestbury Homes and Barlows Electrical Services on these stunning luxury homes.
The Intelligent lighting system is designed around the homes to provide expert atmospheric lighting that is easy to control, also installed was blind control meaning that as the light outside looses its power these luxury home owners can drop the blinds and set the lighting for the perfect night in at just the touch of a button. Audio visual systems were installed throughout for perfect viewing and listening quality no matter which room they happen to be in. Making choosing what to watch or listen to a breeze.
A home cinema was installed to provide the perfect cinematic experience from the comfort of their own home. A Sony 4K UHD projector with triluminous colour for breath taking picture quality incorporating 5.1.2 Dolby atmos speaker system for superb sound quality. We also supplied luxury seating to ensure perfect comfort no matter how long they get lost in the film world.
A secure gated access system was also installed, ensuring complete safety from the home owners that is easy to monitor and provides real time footage.
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All of these systems are integrated meaning the home owners have total, easy to use elegant control. That be from their phone, tablets or handheld remotes. The Control 4 system also allows scene’s to be programmed to create one touch system.
For example.
Get comfy in the cinema room, drop the blinds, turn of the lights and start the audio visual system with just the touch of the button. All they need to do is remember the popcorn.
Want to create the perfect night in, lower the lights, set the soft playing sound track, draw the blinds and turn off the Tv with just one touch. All ready for the wine to be poured and the conversation to flow.