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  • Clipsal CBus Installers
    Clipsal CBus Installers
    Design, manufacture and programming.

clipsal c-bus panels

Because of our simplistic approach to installations Audiolux look to take away the hassle of 
interconnecting cables between C-bus modules for the electrical contractor which can prove to be a 
time and money saving exercise.
Our manufactured C-bus enclosures house all the C-bus dimmers, relays, interfaces and MCB’s to 
save wall space and time on site. 
Standard enclosures require connecting the mains supplies, many interconnect cables and output 
circuits on site between multiple units which require physically connecting together. On top of that 
there is limited space in these enclosures to fit all the circuit breakers that are required to meet 
Our manufactured panels are built not only to house all equipment and MCB’s but also come with 
numbered terminals and earth connections that allow the electrical contractor to terminate their 
incoming supplies and outgoing circuit cables straight in with no fuss. 
Because we are involved in the design and manufacture of the panel we also produce a full panel 
schedule which identifies all circuits, cables, terminals and MCB’s that allows simple and accurate 
electrical testing to comply with IEE regulations. 
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