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The Ultimate Wireless Surround Sound System: 5 Facts on SONOS 

The Basics

A Wireless Sonos Sound System could be what you are looking for if you want to be able to listen to music anywhere in the house without an iPod and a set of headphones.  In the past,some logistical problems would come up if you wanted to listen to your entire music collection anywhere in your home (for those of us not inhabiting a studio apartment, anyway) without involving a serious amount of wires and cables trailing under doors and up stairs, or spending a fortune on a home installation system.

So, of course the rise of digital and computer based musichas made it easier for portability of your audio collection but it wasn't until the wireless revolution introduced the idea of streaming from a range of devices to speakers around the home using a wireless connection, and much to user's joy, there was no compromise on sound quality.

Of course there are different brands and ways to do this, a wealth of different products and technologies, but Sonos has always been at the forefront of these brands; carving out a niche as a mass market mainstream solution.

Sonos is an American Company, founded in 2002 with the simple aim of transforming the home sound system for the Digital Age. It has released products and software designed to 'fill every room' of the home. The key appeal lies in flexibility and functionality. If you're considering adding a wireless sound system to your home, here are five facts about the works of Sonos  which may just help you to make your decision.

It All Starts with One Single Device.

Sonos works by connecting one single device to your homenetwork, to play music. You can use online or local sources,  before adding more devices (up to a maximum of 32, so there is more than enough for all the family to get involved) that all connect using a secure wireless mesh network entitled Sonosnet.

Zone Player: Game Changer

Major success came to Sonos just two years after their launch. Back in 2004 they released the amplified Zone Player ZP100 and CR100 controller and haven't looked back since. Year after year they have remained innovative with new products to expand and enhance the listening experience in the home,advancing with technology to add streaming devices to their systems.

Two Main Types  

There are two main types of players in the Sonos System, all in one Zone Players such as the Bridge or Play 1 and CONNECT – branded products that can turn existing audio equipment into a Sonos Zone. Sonos has a range of compact speakers, (Choose Play 1, 3 or 5 depending on needs) that can be controlled wirelessly from any room in the house.

Use With your TV

A subwoofer (loudspeaker) and a Sonos enabled sound bar have also come into the market for usage with your television. In Sonos' own wordsthey hope to 'crash the home theatre party' with the Sonos Playbar that connects to your TV via a single optical cable, offering the same simple set up that we have come to expect from Sonos products.

The optical connection will automatically pass all the audio from your TV via a single optical cable, offering the typical simple set up youget with all Sonos products. It passes on audio from your TV to the playbar regardless is the sound comes from a set top box, Blu Ray player or a games console.

If you are short on space, the Playbar can be used on its own to improve the sound from the TV or in amalgamation with other Sonos products for the ultimate home cinema experience. A Playbar can be placed in three positions; laid on its side, under the TV or for wall mounted set ups, onthe wall above or below the screen, there is a space effective storage solution for even the most cramped of spaces.

Customise Your Playlist

As well as your own digitally stored music collection, whichcan be streamed from a Network Attached Storage Device (NAS) Sonos comes with amultitude of services, to let you customise your playlist and explore new or forgotten music. These include Spotify and We recommend Spotify Premium for £10 a month (unlimited songs on demand from your mobile and access to pre made playlists) all of which can conveniently be controlled from your Smartphone,iPad or iPhone.


Surely now you should be convinced of the power of Sonos, if not a little overwhelmed. As leading AV Installers Liverpool, Audiolux can fitand show you how to use a Sonos system of your choice. We will help you select exactly the right product for your budget and requirements so you can enjoy your new sound system as soon as possible. 

Audio Visual Updates in 2015

The AV industry is incredibly fast moving, with technology used ten years ago being almost unrecognisable to those that are new on themarket today. Large scale macro trends are shifting massively for any global industry but individual devices are also ever evolving. For AV experts it can be difficult to keep up with what is going, but with AV being at the forefrontof technological innovation, it can be an indicator for what tomorrow's globalised trends will consist of, as AV can be used to empower brands and can be important for education purposes as well as for purely entertainment and convenience. 2015 should be the year that the gap between IT and AV starts to bridge with AV systems being worked into the IT structure within companies and organisations so let's take a look at all things AV to look out for in 2015.

4K Implementation

Inevitably 2015 will be the year where AV starts to merge even more with the internet. Companies such as Amazon, NetFlix and YouTube already provide streaming and downloads in 4K UHD content  (ultra high definition.) 2015 is set to see UHD used in markets such as medical imaging, utility and military and digital signage, amongst other industries so prepare to be ultra-wowed.

Video Walls

This will be the one to revolutionise advertising. Video is slowly replacing print advertising and with decreasing prices on LED displays this could be the year it really takes off. There has also been some interest in this from other markets such as larger pixel maps for security cameras.

Automation and SystemManagement

As a benefit for enterprise and organisations, this year could see AV used more and more in simple conference rooms. These rooms will be automatically driven and monitored, transforming system management and creating an efficient improved user experience which will be productive for businesses.

AV in Networks

AV sources will become more commonplace in network topologies and standardised networks will include data and audio and visual management. AV will be able to be controlled through a network rather than an external transport standards like HDMI.

More Security forData 

Data needs to be easily sharable within many markets and companies, whilst integrity preserved. AV can provide high security due to changes in the hardware markets, and collaboration rooms using AV. This should also be more cost effective.

The following developments should make business life easier and will also have impact on home viewing and security. For AV advice andinstallations in Liverpool, Wirral and nationwide, Audiolux engineers are highly trained with all up to date AV installations and can be contacted on 0844 880 8440.

Audiolux are now AMX dealers!

Audiolux have now become AMX dealers!


AMX are a big supplier of audio and video systems which are used worldwide in homes, classrooms, hotels, entertainment venues and more. They manufacturer systems and devices such as lighting controls, touch panels, audio and video solutions, security ect..


We are now able to sell and install these systems for you quickly and safely, making sure that you as our customer are satisfied before we leave. Our main priority is to make sure our clients get the systems they need that does the job and we are always happy to help anyone that would like more information on any of our products or if you need advice or have a query feel free to ask.


You can contact us on 0844 880 8440


Or send us an email:

Clipsal Cbus Lighting MCB’s

I recently got called out to an existing Clipsal Cbus lighting job that didn’t have individual MCB projection for each circuit.


On top of this there was no circuit schedule to identify what dimmer or relay channels any of the circuits were controlled from.


The problem the customer had was that half of their house was in darkness and the other half had no control via switches or touch screens meaning they couldn’t turn any lights on or off basically meaning that the lights in the whole house didn’t work.


After a long investigation we found that there was a fault on the garage lights.


Due to the fact that there wasn’t an individual MCB for the garage lights the fault had tripped an MCB that powered a 12 channel relay which had cut off all outgoing power to 12 lighting circuits causing half of the house to be in darkness.


This wasn’t where the problem ended though because the knock on effect of the relay tripping out was the Cbus network lost 200mA worth of power which had caused all the switches on the network to go corrupt and not work, ultimately meaning that a fault on the garage lights had plunged the entire house into darkness.


Had each Cbus circuit been projected as they are in an Audiolux panel then the garage lights would have been isolated separately and the rest of the house would have carried on working in the usual way saving the customer a massive problem.


Another crucial reason that each output circuit especially on dimmers should be protected is fire hazard.


If an 8 channel 1amp dimmer unit is just backed up with a 10amp MCB then there is a potential for a load of greater then 1amp but less than 10amps to be connected to an output channel which would pull more than 1amp through the channel but not trip out the 10amp MCB causing the dimmer to burn out and potentially cause a fire.


Again this wouldn’t happen on an Audiolux panel where an overload would simply trip the MCB that was protecting that circuit leaving it identified and ready for an electrician to rectify with minimum disruption to the home.

CCTV at Claire House children hospice

Claire House children hospice have contracted Audiolux to relocate their CCTV system.

Claire House currently look after 160 families, with each child coming to Claire House for 17 nights a year. During their stay with Claire House, each child has maximum one-to-one care.

CCTV ensures security for children, staff and the premises.

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