Audio Visual Updates in 2015

The AV industry is incredibly fast moving, with technology used ten years ago being almost unrecognisable to those that are new on themarket today. Large scale macro trends are shifting massively for any global industry but individual devices are also ever evolving. For AV experts it can be difficult to keep up with what is going, but with AV being at the forefrontof technological innovation, it can be an indicator for what tomorrow's globalised trends will consist of, as AV can be used to empower brands and can be important for education purposes as well as for purely entertainment and convenience. 2015 should be the year that the gap between IT and AV starts to bridge with AV systems being worked into the IT structure within companies and organisations so let's take a look at all things AV to look out for in 2015.

4K Implementation

Inevitably 2015 will be the year where AV starts to merge even more with the internet. Companies such as Amazon, NetFlix and YouTube already provide streaming and downloads in 4K UHD content  (ultra high definition.) 2015 is set to see UHD used in markets such as medical imaging, utility and military and digital signage, amongst other industries so prepare to be ultra-wowed.

Video Walls

This will be the one to revolutionise advertising. Video is slowly replacing print advertising and with decreasing prices on LED displays this could be the year it really takes off. There has also been some interest in this from other markets such as larger pixel maps for security cameras.

Automation and SystemManagement

As a benefit for enterprise and organisations, this year could see AV used more and more in simple conference rooms. These rooms will be automatically driven and monitored, transforming system management and creating an efficient improved user experience which will be productive for businesses.

AV in Networks

AV sources will become more commonplace in network topologies and standardised networks will include data and audio and visual management. AV will be able to be controlled through a network rather than an external transport standards like HDMI.

More Security forData 

Data needs to be easily sharable within many markets and companies, whilst integrity preserved. AV can provide high security due to changes in the hardware markets, and collaboration rooms using AV. This should also be more cost effective.

The following developments should make business life easier and will also have impact on home viewing and security. For AV advice andinstallations in Liverpool, Wirral and nationwide, Audiolux engineers are highly trained with all up to date AV installations and can be contacted on 0844 880 8440.

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